Mixing & Mastering Service

Time spent mixing can mean the difference between a good recording and a great one. With the individual component tracks you've already recorded, we can make a huge difference to the final result with careful tonal and dynamic balancing whilst paying close attention to tuning and timing issues.

Mastering is the process of taking the mixed track to the final stage of realisation. This usually involves Equalisation, Compression and Limiting to make sure the track is well rounded and loud enough to compete with other professional mixes whilst not sounding too squashed or affected by this process. Some issues of unwanted spikes, noise and stereo problems can also be addressed at this stage.

Important Points
It is important that you have the files ready to post to our repository. The standard file type is usually a 24bit/44.1khz or 48khz wav/aif file. However it can be 16bit/ 44.1khz if this is what you've recorded the project at. If you are exporting from a standard DAW program, for easy syncing at our end, the files themselves should all start at the same time.
The tracks themselves should be "Dry", as in they should not have any effects applied to them other than what was recorded in the first instance. Your mix should be sent without or with very little mix compression and especially no limiting in order to give the engineer the opportunity to correctly maximise your track. If you have already applied effects as part of the production intention then by all means let us know. This can include creative elements such as filter sweeps, delays etc.

Projects Data
Send us Pro tools, Logic Pro X, Reason sessions or high quality Audio Stems via any major file uploader (wetransfer,yousendit,megaupload etc etc).

We offer packages to suit all budgets for single or multiply projects, just contact us to get the best deal to suit your needs. We offer a free MP3 review before mastering to get the best results for your project.

Final Project Delivery
A unique delivery link will be sent to you on compilation of your project for safe and secure download.

Please email us to discuss your project before uploading files to our email address.