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Biography -- Fireman Mitch

Mitch 3Winston Mitchell, known for his music by the name, Fireman Mitch, hails from the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Lucia – from the village of Dennery. It can be said that Fireman Mitch is accustomed to fire for several reasons.  He was raised in the warmth of the Caribbean island that hosts the world’s only walk-in active volcano, to which he has been a frequent visitor for therapeutical dips in the hot sulphur-infused springs.  Fireman Mitch also spent several years as a fire inspector in the New York City Fire department.  During the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center buildings in New York, he was also relentless in his efforts as a fireman to assist in helping and saving many lives.  An avid athlete, when not writing lyrics to his songs or in the recording studio, Fireman Mitch spends his time in his community gym in Brooklyn, New York playing table tennis and teaching the game to the seniors and active retirees. To observe him in action is to see someone who is truly on FIRE!

Mitch 4In the spring of 2000, Mitch exploded on the nightclub scene in Washington, DC with his hot and sizzling CD, entitled, Come out Me Fire.  As you listen to the tracks on the CD – all of which he composed, it quickly became obvious that Mitch is no stranger to music.  This seminal work provided us with a phenomenal blend of kaiso; soca, cadence and zouk rhythms to create a distinct up tempo beat which symbolized his theme of “Music of Quality for People of Quality”! The lyrics of track 8 of the CD, entitled MUSIC, epitomized the man himself – it has captured the raw and true essence of Fireman Mitch – his musical spirit, versatility, talent and sincerity about his gift of music.  Fireman Mitch continued to produce music that forces you to wine your waist, move your feet, jump and wave – all because the lyrics quickly finds a home in your heart of hearts – a familiar place within where anyone of any age can relate.

Mitch 2Fireman Mitch insisted on returning to his island to perform the video shoots that accompany his songs.  In May 2013, Fireman Mitch did the background video in Dennery, the village of his birth, for his significant and powerfully patriotic song entitled, This Place – St. Lucia.  From then, one has experienced the results of Fireman Mitch’s persistence in honing his craft of music with his latest offering.  The video for Fireman Mitch’s latest entitled, Not the One, showcases his musical versatility as it brings to our listening experience, the reggae aspect of his craft.  The YouTube video had over 11,000 viewers within one week since its release on August 13.  The video was filmed at the breathtaking Windjammer Landing hotel in St. Lucia which may just likely enhance St. Lucia’s tourism trade.  You can follow Fireman Mitch on YouTube by checking out some of his other songs such as Something You Doing, Don’t Drop The Bone, Girl You, and, Give Me Some.

Mitch 1Fireman Mitch has always lived with music and music has lived with him – it has become his way of life.  Throughout the years, he has performed background vocals with popular and legendary Caribbean artistes such as The Mighty Sparrow, Beckett, Arrow, and Gypsy, amongst others.  If he is not composing songs of life, love and living, he is sharing his gift of music by frequently entertaining his family and supporters at cultural events held in New York, Washington, DC and Canada. On Friday, September 6, 2013, Fireman Mitch returned to the island of his birth to launch his latest CD with the title track, Not The One.  Needless to say, Fireman Mitch is already hard at work on the sequel to this title track as his supporters are clamoring for MORE from him.
There is no stopping the Fireman, as he also performed at LOVE FEST 2012 and 2013 held in his native home St Lucia, where he thrilled and “wooed” many hearts. This show is one of the biggest Reggae shows held annually, and Mitch together with other well renowned artists such as Percy Sledge, Jah Cure, Luciano, Christopher Martin, Mighty Diamonds and the late great John Holt are amongst the few that he encountered on the “big stage”. Most recent addition is his video HORNS produced by CASH MAJOR. What’s next for Fireman Mitch??? Look out for him as he “soars” into 2015!!!

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